The patron saint associated with June 2nd is Saint Erasmus of Formia

Also known as Saint Elmo. Saint Erasmus was a bishop and martyr who lived during the 3rd century AD.

According to tradition, Saint Erasmus was born in the city of Antioch and later became the Bishop of Formia, an ancient town in present-day Italy. He is widely regarded as a protector against intestinal ailments and abdominal pain.

Saint Erasmus faced persecution during the reign of the Roman Emperor Diocletian, known for his severe persecution of Christians. Despite the dangers, Erasmus openly professed his faith and continued to preach the Gospel.

Legends surrounding Saint Erasmus often depict miraculous events during his martyrdom. It is said that he endured various forms of torture, including being beaten, whipped, and subjected to the breaking of his bones. However, he miraculously recovered from these tortures each time.

One of the most popular stories associated with Saint Erasmus is his martyrdom by disembowelment. It is said that he endured this gruesome torture with unwavering faith and endured until his death. During his martyrdom, a light is said to have emanated from his body, symbolizing his spiritual strength.

Saint Erasmus is venerated as a patron saint of sailors and mariners, as well as those suffering from abdominal ailments. His intercession is sought for protection during storms and for relief from digestive illnesses.

On June 2nd, the feast day of Saint Erasmus, Catholics and other Christians may honor him through prayers, devotions, and acts of charity. His example of steadfast faith and endurance in the face of persecution continues to inspire believers around the world.

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