Simple thoughts

Living life from dreams making decisions

At each step of the journey

Knowing God from that deep level within by the same light that was in Jesus

Karma has shifted as I have learned to shift my attentions

Simply focus on the best possible outcome and trusting the universe to deliver. All needs met

Put Your Armor Down

silver and black round ornamentStunning Knight your armor masks your pain.
You fear removing it.  You can not remove it.
Your pain is private and  relentless.
Keep it behind your armor. Stay invulnerable.

Stay invulnerable on the outside — at least. 

Someday you will put your armor down.
You will probably cry openly in your vulnerable
Nakedness. Without your armor, who will you be?Certainly not a Knight. Hopefully, you can be 

The Child. The dreamer. The romantic.
Whatever you become, your vulnerably
Will create an inlet of compassion.
The universe will support you in unbelievable ways.

 Once you put your armor down. It can not be put back on. 

Ageism, Do not be your own worst enemy

I saw this article the other day, about ageism.  Is this really the last prejudice?

Or is it something we oldsters bring upon ourselves?  I am not saying ageism doesn’t exist. But if you take a different approach, it does not have to be your enemy.

Stop playing the experience card.  It is old and worn out. Work on bringing a new set of eyes to the table.  Be trainable. Ask questions. Ask for advice and help. In the workplace no one but you care about the good old days.  Save that for happy hours and lunch time.

Be a little less crusty and more approachable.   I am middle age. 63 is middle age, if I plan to live to 120.  I was crusty for years, recently I let the crustiness drop in favor of being approachable.  Approaching my work and colleagues with the same enthusiasm I had at my first programming job.  

In the technical field for the past few decades,  I work in a few companies. Softwares engineers, at least the good ones, were not very sociable or approachable.  Wake-up and change that attitude. You may not have anything in common with the people in your open space. But everyone has a face and name.  Take a minute to learn about the people you work with.

Be willing to be a little vulnerable.  If you don’t know something, ask? If someone asks you a technical question, it is ok to say ‘I do not know’ or ‘I do not recall’.  Stay curious, not crusty.

Ageism probably exists.  It does not have to apply to you.  Be the one who changes the prevalent thoughts about those of us with gray hair and no hair.  Maybe we can break the ageist stereotype.

Be courteous and curious, not salty and crusty.  

3 Suggestions for Affirming Health

Affirming “I will not get sick!” could make you sick.

The subconscious mind usually skips the negative and goes straight to the action. For example, if you say to yourself, do not think of an elephant. What are you thinking of? Probably a beautiful pachyderm.

Although you do not want to get sick, all the subconscious is hearing is ‘get sick’. To focus your thoughts on wellness think of and affirm thoughts of health. “I am experiencing perfect health!”

Start thinking about being more positive in your words and thoughts.

  1. Notice how often your mind goes to the worse case scenario. Start consciously changing your the internal narrative. When you see someone who is sick. Or you are watching a television show or commercial about an illness. Focus on your healthy thoughts.
  2. If you are healthy and don’t want to get sick. Try focusing on your healthiness with this affirmation.
    “I am enjoying excellent health.”
  3. If you already do not feel well. Affirm your future.
    “I will enjoy excellent health.”