3 Suggestions for Affirming Health

Affirming “I will not get sick!” could make you sick.

The subconscious mind usually skips the negative and goes straight to the action. For example, if you say to yourself, do not think of an elephant. What are you thinking of? Probably a beautiful pachyderm.

Although you do not want to get sick, all the subconscious is hearing is ‘get sick’. To focus your thoughts on wellness think of and affirm thoughts of health. “I am experiencing perfect health!”

Start thinking about being more positive in your words and thoughts.

  1. Notice how often your mind goes to the worse case scenario. Start consciously changing your the internal narrative. When you see someone who is sick. Or you are watching a television show or commercial about an illness. Focus on your healthy thoughts.
  2. If you are healthy and don’t want to get sick. Try focusing on your healthiness with this affirmation.
    “I am enjoying excellent health.”
  3. If you already do not feel well. Affirm your future.
    “I will enjoy excellent health.”