Rainfall Wash & Clean

timelapse photography of water dropsTha dullup! ta dullup! tat! tat! tat! 
The rain falls at it own pace and rhythm 
Sometimes peaceful. Other times mean and unpredictable.

Tha dullup. ta dullup. tat! tat! tat!
If it is silent, is it really rain? 
A coolness overcomes me as I let the rhythm in.

Tha dullup. ta dullup. tat. tat. tat.
The sound is steadier now. 
Settled into a smoother pattern.

Tha dullup. ta dullup. tat. tat. tat?
Has been replaced with 
A richer sound indicating everything is wet.

Tha dullup! ta dullup! tat! tat! tat! 
Just a memory of the beginning 
Of the current downfall. Wash and clean.

Wash and clean.
time lapse photography of water hitting left palm

There’s Bengal Tiger beneath the surface.

adult tiger prone lying inside dim lighted roomShe roars, purrs and manages my anger.
Boiling at times even seething at my calmness of the situation
Her angers pushes against the bars of decency and expected behavior.
Eventually roaring becomes mumbling and pacing.
Soon there is peace then confidence. The Tiger joins me.
Or maybe I join her. Something soothes the beast.
Her beauty and strength have become essential to my survival.

I embrace her from the core of who I am.

I love the beast. When we wrestle I feel … so alive!
If she is quiet by my side, I feel peace in her heartbeat.
When I walk, roam, hunt or enter a meeting,
Her strength is my confidence.

There’s a Bengal Tiger beneath the surface.

Put Your Armor Down

silver and black round ornamentStunning Knight your armor masks your pain.
You fear removing it.  You can not remove it.
Your pain is private and  relentless.
Keep it behind your armor. Stay invulnerable.

Stay invulnerable on the outside — at least. 

Someday you will put your armor down.
You will probably cry openly in your vulnerable
Nakedness. Without your armor, who will you be?Certainly not a Knight. Hopefully, you can be 

The Child. The dreamer. The romantic.
Whatever you become, your vulnerably
Will create an inlet of compassion.
The universe will support you in unbelievable ways.

 Once you put your armor down. It can not be put back on.