This Old Man

side view of man's faceThis old man in his eyes I see sadness.

A tear is at the corner. It is moist.
Then it sparkles. The skin crinkles.
He remembers he has loved.
He acknowledges he still loves.
Those he loved, he still loves.
With deep joy the memory
becomes the moment.
The memory touches the soul
Makes the breathing deeper.
The body is lighter. Flowing alive,
This old man, has gladness.
His eyes smile. He latches on
To this thought of love
Like some future fantasy.

Rainfall Wash & Clean

timelapse photography of water dropsTha dullup! ta dullup! tat! tat! tat! 
The rain falls at it own pace and rhythm 
Sometimes peaceful. Other times mean and unpredictable.

Tha dullup. ta dullup. tat! tat! tat!
If it is silent, is it really rain? 
A coolness overcomes me as I let the rhythm in.

Tha dullup. ta dullup. tat. tat. tat.
The sound is steadier now. 
Settled into a smoother pattern.

Tha dullup. ta dullup. tat. tat. tat?
Has been replaced with 
A richer sound indicating everything is wet.

Tha dullup! ta dullup! tat! tat! tat! 
Just a memory of the beginning 
Of the current downfall. Wash and clean.

Wash and clean.
time lapse photography of water hitting left palm

There’s Bengal Tiger beneath the surface.

adult tiger prone lying inside dim lighted roomShe roars, purrs and manages my anger.
Boiling at times even seething at my calmness of the situation
Her angers pushes against the bars of decency and expected behavior.
Eventually roaring becomes mumbling and pacing.
Soon there is peace then confidence. The Tiger joins me.
Or maybe I join her. Something soothes the beast.
Her beauty and strength have become essential to my survival.

I embrace her from the core of who I am.

I love the beast. When we wrestle I feel … so alive!
If she is quiet by my side, I feel peace in her heartbeat.
When I walk, roam, hunt or enter a meeting,
Her strength is my confidence.

There’s a Bengal Tiger beneath the surface.

The Calm And The Active

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On this side there is a great stillness.

On this side I feel the calm.

On the inside I sense it. Breathe. Breathe.

Deeply.  Before falling off into

Whatever.  Whatever the day brings.

There will be a journey, take it joyfully.

Let the day have its way with you.

Creation include struggle and contrast

That are sometimes so strong. Sometimes

so blinding, you feel like giving up. Breathe. Breathe.

Creation includes satisfaction and joy.

Intense joy…

Creation expands you, your mind, your essence,

and our Universe.

We are grateful

Orange Pink Purple

Orange, pink, purple.
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The glow of it over the horizon.  

Pushing through the clouds. 

The contrast of clouds. Cold still there … waiting.

Pressing forward into the day

The light would have its way.

There could be joy and abundance.

There could be sickness and sorrow.

Everything smells new.

A fresh start neither prosperous or bankrupt.

A fresh start