The patron saint for May 30th is Saint Joan of Arc


Joan of Arc Maid of Orleans statue
Photo by Morgan Petroski on Unsplash

Joan of Arc, also known as Jeanne d’Arc, was a French heroine and martyr. She played a significant role in the Hundred Years’ War between France and England during the 15th century.

Joan of Arc was born in 1412 and, at the age of 17, claimed to have received divine visions instructing her to support the rightful heir to the French throne and lead the French army against the English forces. Her unwavering faith and leadership inspired the French troops and led to several key victories.

However, Joan of Arc was eventually captured, accused of heresy, and put on trial. Despite her strong faith and defense, she was convicted and burned at the stake in 1431. Years later, she was exonerated and canonized as a saint by the Catholic Church.

Saint Joan of Arc is known as the patron saint of soldiers, France, martyrs, and the French Women’s Army Corps. She is celebrated for her courage, devotion to God, and unwavering commitment to her beliefs.

On May 30th, the feast day of Saint Joan of Arc, individuals may honor her life, seek her intercession in matters related to soldiers, France, or those facing persecution, and draw inspiration from her steadfast faith and bravery.

Memorial Day


USA flags on tombstones
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Divine Source of all creation,

On this solemn day of remembrance, we gather with heavy hearts and humble souls.

We come together to honor those who have served, those who have sacrificed, and those we have lost. We bow our heads in reverence and gratitude, for the brave men and women who stood tall, defending the principles we hold dear, protecting the freedoms we cherish.

In the depths of our souls, we feel their presence, their courage, their valor, their unwavering dedication. They were the guardians of peace and justice, the embodiment of selflessness and sacrifice.We remember those who gave their lives, their names etched in our collective memory.

May their spirits find eternal peace, and may their families find solace and comfort.

We also pray for the wounded warriors, whose bodies and spirits bear the scars of battle. Grant them strength, resilience, and healing,that they may find hope and renewed purpose.On this Memorial Day, we pledge to never forget, to carry their legacy in our hearts each day.

May their sacrifice inspire us to be better.

We ask for your blessings upon our nation, that we may strive for unity and understanding. Guide our leaders with wisdom and compassion.

And finally, dear God, grant us the courage, to be agents of peace and love in our world.



Challenges Everywhere

A good prayer life helps move the needle on the challenges. A great prayer increases your faith. It is not about getting God on your side. God is already on your side. A great prayer is about acknowledging that God has never left your side. It is as much about remembering as it is about acknowledging where Spirit is in your life.

If the distance between God and you feels great. A couple of moments in prayer can help to close the gap.

The Image And Likeness

Looking for that anchor of good and beauty. Sometimes it is just feeling other times it is more than that. The feeling tone of my oneness with God. It is not a striving. Sometimes it is searching until you just let go from sheer exhaustion and you find the place where it always was is there, where it has always been at the center or your inner chamber.

When you relax into it the ember glows with possibilities and reassurance. Things are always working out for you. You are more than a part of a greater power. You have full access. You are the image and likeness. Capable of great works.

It Is Already Here

I sit in your glory feeling your presence. I am at once calmed and strengthen. I am filled with all that I need to that which is mine to do. Because I am I know the peace of the Christ and the love of the virgin. I am living a life of unimaginable possibilities. I am. I am. I am.

I let myself be aware of your presence, your guidance. I am open the the abundance of wisdom available to everyone.

Start Your Day With Reminders Of Goodness

Start your day with reminders of the goodness in life. The morning mist, the sun kissing the morning dew. Reflections of life in each droplet, the chill of the night retreating in the light of the new day. This is one way to start your day. This is one memory or a hodgepodge of visions each with it’s own beauty.

Start your day with reminders of goodness.

A Little Bit Of Willingness

Your willingness suggest your desires.

Dear God, divine spirit everywhere present, source of all knowledge and wisdom. I acknowledge my connection to you in prayer. I am grateful for your constant presence in my life, in all life. Some days I pray simply to remind myself.

When challenges pop up during the day, I close my eyes and feel Spirit with me. In moments the tightness in my chest disappears because I know we are greater than this moment. There is a spiritual solution to every issue. This is how I find joy in the moment.

By finding God in the moment.


Even Before I Ask

Entering into prayer, I leave my worries at the the door.

I am grateful. God is everywhere presence. This is my moment to acknowledge and remember. This is my moment to give thanks for God and the angels guiding me through my life.

I ask for guidance, divine interventions, peace in my heart, forgiveness, healing and to be more loving. I know Spirit already knows what I need, even before I ask. Still, I make my request. Keeping still my heart. I feel my soul full of light and warmth. I am grateful for this moment apart from the world in my inner chamber just me and God.

Today’s Journey

I fairly sizzle with zeal and enthusiasm for the spirit of the lord is always with me. There will be flow as I go through the day. There will be hills to climb, just like on a run some will leave me spent. Some trails will be rocky.

During today’s journey, I might feel alone and frustrated. I might feel lifted on angels wings. I accept those situations are part of the journey—part of mortality. The experiences of today’s journey expand my soul and provide kindling for the fire within.

God is with me, I feel it in my thoughts and through out my body. Filled with joy I am prepared for the day ahead.


Everywhere Present

Dear God,

Spirit everywhere present.

I take the time to pause and pray from the divine present within. That essence that is me, that essence that is Us.

I am remind myself of our oneness and that light within that is available to everyone. It gently nudges and warms my body. It envelopes my vibrations and intentions for the day. I am prepared to do great works. Guide me with unexpected miracles.

Thank you, God for everything.