Memorial Day


USA flags on tombstones
Photo by Justin Casey on Unsplash

Divine Source of all creation,

On this solemn day of remembrance, we gather with heavy hearts and humble souls.

We come together to honor those who have served, those who have sacrificed, and those we have lost. We bow our heads in reverence and gratitude, for the brave men and women who stood tall, defending the principles we hold dear, protecting the freedoms we cherish.

In the depths of our souls, we feel their presence, their courage, their valor, their unwavering dedication. They were the guardians of peace and justice, the embodiment of selflessness and sacrifice.We remember those who gave their lives, their names etched in our collective memory.

May their spirits find eternal peace, and may their families find solace and comfort.

We also pray for the wounded warriors, whose bodies and spirits bear the scars of battle. Grant them strength, resilience, and healing,that they may find hope and renewed purpose.On this Memorial Day, we pledge to never forget, to carry their legacy in our hearts each day.

May their sacrifice inspire us to be better.

We ask for your blessings upon our nation, that we may strive for unity and understanding. Guide our leaders with wisdom and compassion.

And finally, dear God, grant us the courage, to be agents of peace and love in our world.