How To Bring Some Joy Back Into Your Day

How to Sizzle With Zeal

In a world where some people dread Monday, one person with enthusiasm is priceless.

“I fairly sizzle with zeal and enthusiasm and spring forth with a might faith to do the things that are to be done by me today!”

Charles Filmore, Talks on Truth


What a great idea Mister Filmore.  You exemplified it even in your later years. They say, he wrote this affirmation when he was 94.

Can we get that same sizzle going?  Sure, just remember to repeat the above. Bah! How in the… do you even expect to do that.  I love the above affirmation and I want to face every day with that kind of passion. The most effective affirmations are backed by strong emotion and passion.

Finding Enthusiasm

It is like finding Waldo.  It is there just hidden deeply in the crowd of other more “pressing” issues.  This is how I found the passion to make Charles Filmore’s zeal my own.

I was talking with a friend of mine about work.  How it was such a drag. I knew from the moment I got to the office door, problems would be waiting for me.  How I would ignore some problems and eventually they would come back bigger and less manageable.

As I was lamenting, I could tell he wanted me to just stop.  Instead of saying stop, he asked a question. “Why did you become a programmer?”

Remembering my initial enthusiasm

I reviewed my life.  The changes, I went through to become a programmer, how excited, I was at my first job, and subsequent jobs. As a programmer, software engineer, I knew there would always be problems and challenges to overcome and that was freaking exciting knowing each day, I could learn something new. Those memories helped me, lifted me.  Those wonderful old thoughts replaced my current thoughts.

It was like starting over, a new beginning.

Possibly just remembering your initial joy at work why you continue, even if it is just a paycheck.  Replace those crappy thoughts with some fun stuff. A fun, positive thought will always override a crappy thought.

You can operate at a high level of enthusiasm through memory and future visioning.  Recapture those feelings and use them.  Focus on why you are doing what you do!