The Connection is Real.

The connection. Something touches us.
Beyond mind, beyond thought some point of innerness.

Breathe into
That special space of consciousness
A place incorporeal from where we are sourced.

It is real.
Not really connection, those are the common words
Used for it.  It is like you are visiting a friend who has always been there.

Breathe …
All at once this feeling of I Know You,
Hits and Hits and Hits like the sharp side of a feather.

An anxious tingling takes you to the next point.
Each breath is wonderful.  You are fully absorbed in the moment.

Feel it and know this is all of who you are.
Not Body or Spirit … more

Keep creating.  Brushstroke after brushstroke.
Word after word.  Breath to breath…

Feel the onement with this moment.

Good Morning Love Awakens

Good Morning

Today is a good day. Love awakens.

The feeling of a reasonable night’s sleep

Cool freshness of morning light

Overcoming the darkness of the evening

Quietly and lovingly the coming day happens.

Possibilities abound.  Today is a good day.

Clouds frame the coming dawn.

The contrast adds to the beauty.

When the light is blocked,

The beauty still comforts.

The light is still there.

There is light.  Today is a good day.

How To Bring Some Joy Back Into Your Day

How to Sizzle With Zeal

In a world where some people dread Monday, one person with enthusiasm is priceless.

“I fairly sizzle with zeal and enthusiasm and spring forth with a might faith to do the things that are to be done by me today!”

Charles Filmore, Talks on Truth


What a great idea Mister Filmore.  You exemplified it even in your later years. They say, he wrote this affirmation when he was 94.

Can we get that same sizzle going?  Sure, just remember to repeat the above. Bah! How in the… do you even expect to do that.  I love the above affirmation and I want to face every day with that kind of passion. The most effective affirmations are backed by strong emotion and passion.

Finding Enthusiasm

It is like finding Waldo.  It is there just hidden deeply in the crowd of other more “pressing” issues.  This is how I found the passion to make Charles Filmore’s zeal my own.

I was talking with a friend of mine about work.  How it was such a drag. I knew from the moment I got to the office door, problems would be waiting for me.  How I would ignore some problems and eventually they would come back bigger and less manageable.

As I was lamenting, I could tell he wanted me to just stop.  Instead of saying stop, he asked a question. “Why did you become a programmer?”

Remembering my initial enthusiasm

I reviewed my life.  The changes, I went through to become a programmer, how excited, I was at my first job, and subsequent jobs. As a programmer, software engineer, I knew there would always be problems and challenges to overcome and that was freaking exciting knowing each day, I could learn something new. Those memories helped me, lifted me.  Those wonderful old thoughts replaced my current thoughts.

It was like starting over, a new beginning.

Possibly just remembering your initial joy at work why you continue, even if it is just a paycheck.  Replace those crappy thoughts with some fun stuff. A fun, positive thought will always override a crappy thought.

You can operate at a high level of enthusiasm through memory and future visioning.  Recapture those feelings and use them.  Focus on why you are doing what you do!

Ageism, Do not be your own worst enemy

I saw this article the other day, about ageism.  Is this really the last prejudice?

Or is it something we oldsters bring upon ourselves?  I am not saying ageism doesn’t exist. But if you take a different approach, it does not have to be your enemy.

Stop playing the experience card.  It is old and worn out. Work on bringing a new set of eyes to the table.  Be trainable. Ask questions. Ask for advice and help. In the workplace no one but you care about the good old days.  Save that for happy hours and lunch time.

Be a little less crusty and more approachable.   I am middle age. 63 is middle age, if I plan to live to 120.  I was crusty for years, recently I let the crustiness drop in favor of being approachable.  Approaching my work and colleagues with the same enthusiasm I had at my first programming job.  

In the technical field for the past few decades,  I work in a few companies. Softwares engineers, at least the good ones, were not very sociable or approachable.  Wake-up and change that attitude. You may not have anything in common with the people in your open space. But everyone has a face and name.  Take a minute to learn about the people you work with.

Be willing to be a little vulnerable.  If you don’t know something, ask? If someone asks you a technical question, it is ok to say ‘I do not know’ or ‘I do not recall’.  Stay curious, not crusty.

Ageism probably exists.  It does not have to apply to you.  Be the one who changes the prevalent thoughts about those of us with gray hair and no hair.  Maybe we can break the ageist stereotype.

Be courteous and curious, not salty and crusty.  

3 Suggestions for Affirming Health

Affirming “I will not get sick!” could make you sick.

The subconscious mind usually skips the negative and goes straight to the action. For example, if you say to yourself, do not think of an elephant. What are you thinking of? Probably a beautiful pachyderm.

Although you do not want to get sick, all the subconscious is hearing is ‘get sick’. To focus your thoughts on wellness think of and affirm thoughts of health. “I am experiencing perfect health!”

Start thinking about being more positive in your words and thoughts.

  1. Notice how often your mind goes to the worse case scenario. Start consciously changing your the internal narrative. When you see someone who is sick. Or you are watching a television show or commercial about an illness. Focus on your healthy thoughts.
  2. If you are healthy and don’t want to get sick. Try focusing on your healthiness with this affirmation.
    “I am enjoying excellent health.”
  3. If you already do not feel well. Affirm your future.
    “I will enjoy excellent health.”