Saint Petronilla is one of the saints who is remembered on May 31st

Saint Petronilla, also known as Saint Petronille, is a Christian saint who is believed to have lived in the 1st century AD. While her exact historical details are uncertain, she is revered as a saint in the Catholic Church.

According to tradition, Saint Petronilla was the daughter of Saint Peter, one of the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ. It is believed that she accompanied Peter to Rome and served as a faithful disciple and witness to the early Christian faith.

The details of her life are limited, but it is said that Petronilla devoted herself to a life of prayer and charity. She became known for her piety, humility, and dedication to the teachings of Christ.

There are different accounts regarding her martyrdom. Some sources suggest that Petronilla died a natural death, while others claim that she was persecuted for her Christian beliefs and died as a martyr. Regardless, her veneration as a saint grew over time.

Saint Petronilla is particularly honored in Rome, where she is considered one of the city’s patron saints. Her tomb is said to have been located on the Via Ardeatina, outside the city walls. A basilica dedicated to her, known as the Basilica of Saint Petronilla, was built near her burial site in the 4th century.

In art, Saint Petronilla is often depicted as a young woman, sometimes holding a palm branch or a key, symbolizing her devotion and purity. Her feast day is celebrated on May 31st in the Roman Catholic Church, although her cult is not as widely observed as some other saints.

While historical details about Saint Petronilla are limited, her memory and veneration continue to inspire devotion and reverence among those who honor her as a faithful disciple of Christ.

Disclaimer: The information about patron saints is provided for educational purposes. While efforts have been made for accuracy, beliefs and traditions may vary. This information, generated with the assistance of ChatGPT, is not a substitute for authoritative religious texts or practices. Consult official sources for comprehensive understanding.
Disclaimer: The information about patron saints is provided for educational purposes. While efforts have been made for accuracy, beliefs and traditions may vary. This information, generated with the assistance of ChatGPT, is not a substitute for authoritative religious texts or practices. Consult official sources for comprehensive understanding.

The patron saint for May 30th is Saint Joan of Arc


Joan of Arc Maid of Orleans statue
Photo by Morgan Petroski on Unsplash

Joan of Arc, also known as Jeanne d’Arc, was a French heroine and martyr. She played a significant role in the Hundred Years’ War between France and England during the 15th century.

Joan of Arc was born in 1412 and, at the age of 17, claimed to have received divine visions instructing her to support the rightful heir to the French throne and lead the French army against the English forces. Her unwavering faith and leadership inspired the French troops and led to several key victories.

However, Joan of Arc was eventually captured, accused of heresy, and put on trial. Despite her strong faith and defense, she was convicted and burned at the stake in 1431. Years later, she was exonerated and canonized as a saint by the Catholic Church.

Saint Joan of Arc is known as the patron saint of soldiers, France, martyrs, and the French Women’s Army Corps. She is celebrated for her courage, devotion to God, and unwavering commitment to her beliefs.

On May 30th, the feast day of Saint Joan of Arc, individuals may honor her life, seek her intercession in matters related to soldiers, France, or those facing persecution, and draw inspiration from her steadfast faith and bravery.

Memorial Day


USA flags on tombstones
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Divine Source of all creation,

On this solemn day of remembrance, we gather with heavy hearts and humble souls.

We come together to honor those who have served, those who have sacrificed, and those we have lost. We bow our heads in reverence and gratitude, for the brave men and women who stood tall, defending the principles we hold dear, protecting the freedoms we cherish.

In the depths of our souls, we feel their presence, their courage, their valor, their unwavering dedication. They were the guardians of peace and justice, the embodiment of selflessness and sacrifice.We remember those who gave their lives, their names etched in our collective memory.

May their spirits find eternal peace, and may their families find solace and comfort.

We also pray for the wounded warriors, whose bodies and spirits bear the scars of battle. Grant them strength, resilience, and healing,that they may find hope and renewed purpose.On this Memorial Day, we pledge to never forget, to carry their legacy in our hearts each day.

May their sacrifice inspire us to be better.

We ask for your blessings upon our nation, that we may strive for unity and understanding. Guide our leaders with wisdom and compassion.

And finally, dear God, grant us the courage, to be agents of peace and love in our world.



Give God A Little Space

Give God A Little Faith

Faith in God is faith in yourself

Let the divine work though you. You can resolve many issues today. It takes patience and faith. It can be faith the size of a mustard seed. Proclaim and claim you good. Stay focused on the outcome. Give God room to work.

Pray, affirm, and let it go. Trust that all things will be resolved for the highest good.

Growing In The Cracks

The sidewalk is cracked allowing some plants weeds to push through was it cracked for the weeds, was it the strength of the plants underneath that forced this one plant through to air—to life. To thrive in foot traffic bring life forward. Or are the cracks just random? Something for the sidewalk owner to focus upon so the sidewalk is never quite perfect. Something for the weed to focus upon as being the perfect place to grow.

What is really important is the focus.

Do not focus on the weeds and the cracks. Instead focus on the larger parts the home, the house all the things that work. The life of that simple weeds demonstrates you will grow through this.

Just keep coming back. Do not deny your pain and anger, but do deny it focus. Focusing on what you want is not spiritual by pass. It is an uplifting example of the things Spirit can do.

To feel good is not a sin. It is the only way to uplift others out of the endless cycle of compassionate empathetic pain. Be compassionate setting an example.

What can you do right now? What do you need right now?

If there is nothing you need right now, be grateful your needs are met. Focus on how great that feels. Relax and just sit in peace knowing your needs are met. Sit in peace knowing God at little deeper appreciating the light within you that glows brightly with the light of the infinite.

Let the rhythm and beats of the vibrations and sounds around you find harmony in that glow. Find a harmony in your surroundings and follow that deeper all glowing and gently moving through your consciousness. Just know. Trust in the divine order of the universe, and pray for the highest good of all concerned.

Find harmony in that glow. Let you inner flame glow. Dance with it.

Challenges Everywhere

A good prayer life helps move the needle on the challenges. A great prayer increases your faith. It is not about getting God on your side. God is already on your side. A great prayer is about acknowledging that God has never left your side. It is as much about remembering as it is about acknowledging where Spirit is in your life.

If the distance between God and you feels great. A couple of moments in prayer can help to close the gap.

The Image And Likeness

Looking for that anchor of good and beauty. Sometimes it is just feeling other times it is more than that. The feeling tone of my oneness with God. It is not a striving. Sometimes it is searching until you just let go from sheer exhaustion and you find the place where it always was is there, where it has always been at the center or your inner chamber.

When you relax into it the ember glows with possibilities and reassurance. Things are always working out for you. You are more than a part of a greater power. You have full access. You are the image and likeness. Capable of great works.

It Is Already Here

I sit in your glory feeling your presence. I am at once calmed and strengthen. I am filled with all that I need to that which is mine to do. Because I am I know the peace of the Christ and the love of the virgin. I am living a life of unimaginable possibilities. I am. I am. I am.

I let myself be aware of your presence, your guidance. I am open the the abundance of wisdom available to everyone.