Stay Healthy

"Divine Love within me, removes from my consciousness every thought unlike God (Good). In my physical body there is only room for perfection, because that thought which is sustaining and nourishing my body is aware only of perfection, nothing can come into being except from the One Creative Mind, and nothing can flourish unless there is something to nourish it. Accordingly, I know that my thought does not sustain any false growth, either consciously or unconsciously originated.

“The depression, the misunderstanding, the maladjustment, the frustration which may have taken place in my life, is now eradicated. God is the One Causation back of all manifestation, and there could not be cause for a development of any kind contrary or superfluous to the divine order. Therefore, there cannot remain within my body anything which does not express perfection. God‐ Life, in and through me, forever cleanses, heals, and renews every organ, and every atom in my body, after the pattern of perfection.”

Science of Mind p 235